18” EasiPart French XL by Jon Renau


Jon Renau’s 18” EasiPart French XL is a Remy Human Hair topper perfect for those experiencing minimal to beginning stages of hair loss. This silky smooth topper features a French knotted double monofilament top that allows for the most natural looking top possible. No one will even suspect you are wearing a hairpiece!


This topper features 100% Remy Human Hair and can be styled with heat tools to create a variety of looks. My personal favorite is to create beautiful loose curls that cascade from your shoulders. While I do not suffer from hair loss, I do have very thin hair, and this piece has the perfect amount of hair added. The EasiPart French XL is a great everyday piece for those who are not wanting to wear a full wig. It provides just enough coverage without too much density.


The four pressure sensitive clips hold the topper in very securely. The base is lined with a PU coat that allows those who are unable to use the clips (due to hair loss or fragile hair) to use an adhesive instead.



One of the many wonderful features of the EasiPart XL, is that the pear shaped base can be worn exactly where you need coverage. In these photos, I wore the topper with the narrow side of the base toward the front of my head, and the larger area of the base sitting on the crown of my head. However, if you are facing hair loss more in the front, you can simply rotate the topper and use the larger part of the base to give you coverage.






The French knotted monofilament top is hand tied which creates not only the natural look of the hair growing right from your scalp, but also creates a natural movement of the hair. If you are looking for the ultimate, top-of-the-line top piece, this topper is for you!