Video Highlights:
0:03 - I'm going to show you how to wash and condition
0:40 - a lot of girls from the south have called me
1:07 - you can make it straight, you can make it curly
1:44 - I have my, my gosh, I guess must have an hours worth of videos
2:14 - you must, you must, you must use a comb
2:54 - I take the detangler, yes, here's the detangler
3:43 - so now I've combed it a little bit and most of the friz is gone
4:41 - now it's all under the water
5:36 - and then after we rinse it, I'm going to squeeze it again
6:36 - and I know this sounds silly
7:34 - remember,comb, only comb with heat defiant
8:01 - have a great day, bye

Video Transcript

Hi guys, I'm going to show you how to wash and condition, and dry and comb your heat defiant wig. Let us define heat defiant fiber. It has so many names. Sometimes, people call it heat defiant, heat friendly, smart heat. What else might it be? Heat friendly, they'll say that and truth of it is, unless you know the wigs and you've been doing this as long as I have, you are thinking, "Okay heat friendly. Does that mean it's friendly to heat and I can just do whatever?" A lot of girls from the South have called me. One girl from Louisiana and she said, "Heat defiant, does that mean it's not going to be hot and I'm not going to sweat under it?" Louisiana, I can understand.

Heat defiant, heat friendly, heat whatever, only means that this fiber has been processed so that you can heat, set it to another design or another style. You can make it straight, you can make it curly, you can make it whatever. Heat, the one I have on. This was basically kind of a straight wig and you pull it behind your ears, looks like the PTA.

Well then this weekend, I use medium sized rollers and put them all over and I wanted it to be just kind of boom. You know pick it up and go. That's what you can do with heat defiant, that's the beauty of heat defiant. The truth of it is, many and many more designers are designing wigs in the heat defiant fiber so we need to get used it. You need to learn how to do it.

I have, my gosh, I guess I must have an hour's worth of videos on the heat defiant. How to set it? How you do all of that and I have got this, now what? So go to my YouTube and look under heat defiant and you'll find all those. But when you get a heat defiant wig, the one thing that I have found heat defiant does is it frizzes a little bit more so than the plain synthetic that we're used to. The big news is with your heat defiant you must, you must, you must use a comb. We usually if we're on our job right, we include one of these combs with it so that you can just slide right through it and that's how you style and comb your heat defiant wig. You can use that, you can use a wide tooth comb or you can use even a bigger comb and they all work beautifully.

Now, if it's really, really frizzed badly, the same products that we use for synthetic because this is really heat defiant synthetic wig is the whole term. I take the detangler. Yes, here's the detangler again. Now, in the other video I'll show you that you spritz on this detangler, comb it, apply heat with the roller that we have and the frizz comes right out. I'm just going to tap a little bit with this before I wash it and then I'm going to take the comb, and remember we always start at the bottom of where the fiber ends and you work up into the body of the wig. That way, you're not putting a lot of pressure on the wig. All of a sudden, with that magic detangler, I tell you it's the best thing in the shop. All of a sudden, see how nice and smooth it's getting big? Even just with the detangler and it's even dirty.

Now I have combed it a little bit, most of the frizz is gone. So now we are going to put it into the water. It's the very same shampoo as for synthetic and you're going to out maybe a little bit bigger than a dime now because we've got a short wig. If you have a really, really long wig and heat defiant, like Raquel Spotlight or, oh what would be another one of hers that would be really long? Scene Stealer. Then you might want to use maybe two of those or two and a half because those are really long wigs. Just a little bit more and add a little bit of water in my make belief bathroom, so that I can show you. Then we do the same thing as the synthetic. Immerse it, bring it back and forth, push, push, push. Push, push, push. Push, push, push. Now it's all under the water and the shampoo is there. The water is already doing it, and I walk away ten minutes. Ten minutes is over, I come back. I pick it up, never ever remember, ring, ring, ring, no, no, no. I'm going to squeeze it, baby, squeeze it. Squeeze it, Squeeze it. There you go. We're not roughing it, we're not twisting it, we're not smooshing it. We're just squeezing it gently.

Now I go to my cold water and I like this one because it's got a high neck on it. When I'm at home, I use my tub because the water power is more forceful, especially for long ones because then they can fall right into the tub. Now we're going to rinse it off, just like we did the other one for synthetic. This is it, this is it. Then after we rinse it, I'm going to squeeze it again. You can squeeze it on the outside and the inside. Don't forget to rinse the inside if your [inaudible 00:05:49]. Now I turn it outside, right side out. I'm going to put it on my towel and I'm going to roll it one time, I'm just seeing this. I hope, I hope, I hope. And then I am going to take it out. Remember, we hold them upside down. Why? Because we want all those fibers to fall away from one another and each of them to get their little drink. Again, the most important thing, the conditioning.

Now we're going to re-coat this flat surface, and it's going to make it tangle less. It's going to give it moisture, it's not going to be dry. I usually do about nine or ten with the conditioner for a short wig. I know this sounds silly, you might want to go outside and do it because it does throw water. I want you to hold it by the back and go woof, woof and then it's aerated so all of the fibers have got the conditioner on it. Now, I'm just going to go outside. I'm going to lay it on a towel. I can lay it on a towel. I can put it over a Scott towel holder. It's perfect because it's not real big and it won't stretch the fiber. Laying it like this is probably the best. I lay it like this, by morning this will be dry and in a couple of hours, this will be dry. Then when it's dried, just like the other one, this one is clean and dry. Remember, comb, only comb with heat defiant. Now this wig that I have done is a little bit straight, you can see some motion because it will go back to whatever style was in this wig when you washed. This heat defiance all the curling and wild. If I took it off and wash it right now, when it dries, it will stay like this until I heat set it again. I hope you get that guys. We got to get up to the times so we got to learn how to do this heat defiant because it is the fiber of the day.

Have a great day. Bye.