Wig vs. Wind

We just had to share this client’s story! (edited for space)

"One of the things I was worried about starting to wear wigs was whether they'd come off my head unexpectedly; I see on blogs, YouTube, and similar that this is a pretty common concern. A couple weeks ago, I was commuting home [in the West] and 80+mph winds knocked a semi over in front of me! I tried to get out and see if I could help, but the winds were so strong, I couldn't even open the door! Through driving rain and hurricane-force winds I climbed out the window to make my way to the truck, stumbling in the gusts that literally knocked my feet out from under me several times."

"I didn't even consider the wig I was wearing—the urgency of the situation knocking back the vanity a bit. I was out unprotected in the foulest weather I've ever seen and Scarlett didn't budge. I was out there for at least 45 minutes. Note that I do wear two small hair pins crossed over each other at the nape of my neck to keep it from sliding forward at the nape if I look straight up (I still have a little hair that makes a thin pony tail back over the top of my head), but there wasn't even the slightest movement at the hairline. When I got back to the car, I changed into my workout clothes, and wrapped and hair-tied a shammy around 'my hair'. Twenty minutes later and dry, not a hair was out of place!"

"She survived and stayed in place in winds that knocked over multiple semi trucks and caused a major interstate to close for a day. How often do you hear that?!?"

"I'm sharing this in the hopes it provides a talking-point for concerns you might address along the "will it stay on" lines. Yes. It'll stay on even when you can't stand up."