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Okay, the verdict is in, you need a wig but you don't know the first thing about the wig world. Take a deep breath and realize how strong you are and that you can do this. The first question that you need to ask yourself is, "Do I want a wig that looks exactly like me or do I want to go to that style or color that I have always wanted?” I have found that going close to your same look is usually where you need to go. There are so many changes going on in your life right now that to change your style or color might be too much. However, there are those brave souls who want to go all out and change color and style. I recommend that the first wig needs to look somewhat like your usual style, BUT the second wig could be a change (even a BIG change) if you want.
1. CUT or STYLE:
 The cut or style is personal and depends on your lifestyle and face shape. For each style of wig there is a product description that indicates which face shape works best for that wig. 
 This can be challenging. However, we have tried to make it easier for you. For each style of wig you will see the colors that are offered in that particular style. Click on that color and it will enlarge for you showing the beautiful details of each color. We offer many colors to help you achieve your personal best. Click here for more color help
3. CAP: In life and in wigs, it's what's on the inside that really counts. A wig's cap, while not visible, determines how the wig will feel against the head, as well as how the wig can be styled. Patti’s Pearls offers six wig cap choices, so every woman can find a wig that meets her needs and feels as good as it looks. 

4. CUSTOM: This is our specialty. Many wigs that we offer can be customized with either Patti’s Signature Hairline, My Sizing, or both.  See more about these options.  

5. COST:  We offer a variety of materials and brands to hit every price point.


Should I choose synthetic or a human hair wig? 

When choosing a wig, consider first the length of time you will actually need a wig.

If you will be wearing a wig for an extended period of time, your best choice may be a human hair wig.  It provides the most natural look and feel, is cooler than synthetics, lasts the longest, and offers unlimited styling options.

If you are going through typical chemotherapy or similar treatment, your hair will begin to grow back soon after your treatment is completed.  You will need a wig for a few months. Synthetic wigs offer great value through price, easy daily maintenance, and easy styling.

Human Hair
The major benefit of human hair is that the hair can be colored and permed. Also, you can use a curling iron or electric rollers to curl the hair. Heat is not a problem with human hair as it is with synthetic. The human hair also lasts longer than synthetic hair, although the caps of both types of hair last the same. The drawbacks are that they need the same kind and amount care as growth hair, and are generally more expensive.

Human hair wigs are more expensive than synthetic wigs and have to be shampooed, dried, styled and conditioned just like your natural hair. They may frizz on humid days and lose their style if they get wet. Human hair wigs may be permed and colored but be sure to have a qualified stylist perform these services, as wig hair is extremely porous and easily damaged by chemical services.

Synthetic Fiber
In general, synthetic wigs may be the best choice if you have a limited budget, have little time or capacity to provide homecare and maintenance or if your hair loss is temporary condition. The major benefits are easy care, reasonable price, permanent color, easy styling and usually quick availability. Most synthetic wigs today are made with Kanekalon fiber that holds its shape and color. On the negative side, some synthetic wigs tent to be stiffer and less flowing than human hair. Constant rubbing on the collar or a blouse or exposure to heat causes the fiber to fizz. The base can be itchy (although rare) and synthetic hair cannot be colored or highlighted.

Synthetic wigs come with fiber memory, built-in wave or curl pattern that holds its style unless the wig is abused (with excess heat or combing while the wig is wet.) A properly maintained synthetic wig will look and wear well for up to 6 months. Synthetic wigs are made with small, light wefts that look like natural hair (see wig construction), and they are much easier to style than real hair. You will be spoiled by the ease! Some synthetic wigs are made with a monofilament (transparent) top that looks exactly like your scalp with individual hairs that appear to be growing out of the scalp. The 100% hand- tied wigs look very natural. Always follow the wig make’s instructions, and use only products made for synthetic hair. 

The biggest advantage to synthetic fiber is that it has memory, meaning when washed it goes back to the style it was created in. You cannot apply any heat and it cannot hold any color as it is not porous at all. Is not flammable but it will melt from heat. Special curling irons can be used to prevent melting. Steaming the synthetic fiber will remove the frizz, burns and will change the style and erase the memory of the fiber. 

Synthetic fiber wigs are generally lighter than human hair wigs primarily because of the lightweight nature of the fiber used. Long synthetic fiber will tangle easier than human hair will. Human hair will fade and will react to humidity and other weather. Alternatively, the benefits of human hair are it will hold color and withstand heat. 

Common Wig Issues

1. My Head Itches When I Wear My Wig - Help! 
Usually your head will itch because you are in the process of losing your hair. As soon as your hair falls out, wait a day and your head will feel fine. However, it does help to wash your wig with the proper products for synthetic wigs. The sizing that is in the material of the cap will soften as it is washed. 

2. Some Of The Wig Fibers Are Sticking Up -Help! 
Sometimes wig fibers can get out of place during shipping. Using a comb with a little warm water and comb the fiber down and let it dry that way. You can also try steaming your wig fibers with a hand held travel steamer. Hold the steamer close to the wig and comb fiber down while you steam. The hand held steamer is a wonderful tool to use on your synthetic wig. 

3. My Bangs Are Going Everywhere But Where I Want Them - Help! 
This is another area where the hand held steamer is very helpful. Get a round bristle brush and brush your bangs over it, then steam. Keep turning the brush as you steam and you will be amazed. You can also add a little hot water and comb the bangs and let them dry. Try teasing the bang on top and then direct the bangs where you want the bangs to go. Bangs, fibers, and pieces of fibers usually stick out or sideways because the wig was packed incorrectly from the factory. A good washing and conditioning will usually correct a multitude of problems. Remember, the synthetic wig has a permanent memory that will bounce back when you wash it. Do not bypass the conditioning step as the conditioner will keep the wig soft and free from most frizz. 

4. The Curl Is Gone, The Flip has Flopped - Help! 
Sometimes just washing and conditioning the wig will bring the curl or flip back. If that doesn't work, you can use a curling iron on the lowest setting (not over 175 degrees) and the steamer to set the curl. Use ONLY a teflon coated or ceramic iron at the lowest setting of 175. You do not want an expensive gold curling iron for the synthetic wigs. Conair and TIGI are two brands that I use and they work. Lastly, you can use rollers (only foam or coated rollers will work). Wet your wig, put in roller smoothing wig fibers as you roll, let dry, remove rollers and brush with a wig brush. 

5. My Wig Is Too Shiny - Help! 
Sometimes you wig can be too shiny when first purchased. Usually a couple of washings and the wig will be perfect. On blonde wigs, you can pat talcum powder lightly on the surface then brush and the shine will diminish.